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Retirement Summary

Your retirement plan is designed to provide protection for you and your loved ones.
Your retirement plan provides a benefit that becomes a reality when you retire and a monetary safeguard for your survivor(s) in the event of your death.  The plan also offers a benefit if you become disabled while employed.
Your pension benefit is dependent upon three variables:
  • Age
  • Salary
  • Years of Service
Benefits vary depending on the type of retirement, and they are determined by formulas established by the Municipal Code of the City of Hartford, as amended by the City Council from time to time, and collective bargaining agreements. 
Available for your review are the following documents.
1. Introduction to the MERF {download}
  • What is the MERF?
  • How is the MERF administered?
  • Who is eligible to participate in the MERF?
  • Who pays for the benefits provided by the MERF?
  • What are some of the important features of the MERF?
  • What is the enrollment process for the MERF?
  • Who to call if you need information or have questions
2. MERF Administrative Guide {download} which explains the following:
  • Contribution Refunds
  • Vested Benefits
  • Early or Normal Retirement Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • Death Benefits
  • Other Benefits
3. Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for all of the Collective Bargaining Groups (CBG’s), as well as, Non-union employees.
Our staff is here to discuss and help you with your benefits, provide you with a retirement estimate if needed, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We also would like you to educate yourself and try to do an estimate of your retirement by using the retirement benefit calculator, keeping in mind; this is just an “estimate”.  After you are done with the calculation and if you would like to have a formal calculation done for you, please contact our office.
Once you decide to retire, you must complete a retirement application that can be obtained from your department head or from the pension unit.  After the application is approved by your department head, the application is forwarded to the Pension Unit.  Your birth certificate or other verifiable evidence of age, must accompany the application. If you are married, your marriage certificate and your spouse’s birth certificate must also be included.
It is recommended that you complete an application for retirement at least 30 days before your last day of service.
After your pension calculation is completed, the application is submitted to the Pension Commission for final approval.  Once approved, you will receive your first retirement check on the last business day of the month following the approval of your retirement by the Pension Commission.  On the last business day of the month thereafter, you will continue to receive your pension payment.
To review the entire document, please download the attachment below

Pension Administration

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