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Annual Actuarial Valuation Reports

Every year an actuarial valuation report is completed by the MERF’s actuary to determine the funded status of the MERF as well as the City’s recommended cash contribution for the upcoming fiscal year. The City’s total cost of the pension plan is primarily based on the level of benefits promised by the pension plan. The investment earnings from the MERF help to reduce the cost of the plan benefits.
pdf 2019 MERF Actuarial Survey Report
pdf 2019 MERF Actuarial Survey Report
pdf 2018 MERF Actuarial Survey Report July 2018
pdf 2018 MERF Actuarial Valuation Report
pdf 2017 MERF Actuarial Survey Report
pdf 2018 CT W4P Withholding Certificate For Pension Or Annuity Payments
pdf 2016 Actuarial Valuation Report
pdf 2015 Actuarial Valuation Report
pdf 2014 Actuarial Valuation Report
pdf 2013 Actuarial Valuation Report
pdf 2012 Actuarial Valuation Report

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